Covid-19 Deep Clean

Getting you back to work

We provide daily experienced cleaning personnel to concentrate on Touch-Points to ensure those parts of your workplace which most often come into contact with people are thoroughly and individually cleaned and disinfected using anti-viral disinfectants

Our aim is to deliver professional disinfection, infection control. The services we offer put us in the front line of viral outbreaks such as Covid-19 and help you protect your employees by our quality disinfecting service which kills germs on surfaces. This service reduces the chances of onward transmission and cross infection to other staff.

Working across London and the Home Counties, FP Cleaning are helping business’s reopen by providing one off, monthly or daily sanitation and disinfection routines.


Whole room disinfectant fogging

Our professional fogging system mists fine atomised droplets creating a very fine fog which binds to surfaces and disinfects on contact. The disinfectant mist like fog will engulf the whole room, reaching even hard to reach cracks and crevices that conventional treatments fail to reach covering all surfaces to provide thorough sanitisation of possible contaminated areas.

The virusidal disinfectant eradicates 99.9% bacteria & viruses

Rooms can be re-used after 45 mins.

Our fogging solution has been successfully applied in offices, cinemas, schools and colleges, shops, clinics, storage units, veterinary surgeries, delivery vehicles, hotels, spas & gyms, internal play areas, high traffic internal pedestrian areas and across public transport.

Dealing with a Covid-19 incident

When a case of Covid-19 has been reported we can attend as follows:

Providing the affected area has not been occupied by staff or visitors within 72hrs prior, we provide a professional disinfection deep cleaning services to prevent coronavirus infection. The Covid-19 pandemic has alerted everybody globally to ensure best practice on protecting themselves from contamination and the spread of infection